The Things I Know…

My journey isn’t beginning from scratch.  I generally think I already lead a fairly healthy lifestyle (I’ll go about it in more detail in later posts) and just want to take it to the next level.  I come in armed with a wealth of information.  I know quite a bit about healthy cooking and eating, the environment, and how our biology affects various parts of our being.

However, like all knowledge, I know mine is biased.  I have certain sources I turn to over and over again.  I have my past experiences and the experiences of those I know and love.  I have those deep down gut feelings that guide me.  And I have my computer/iPhone, which makes google one of my best friends (seriously, you can learn so much by googling.  If I were meaner I would send more people to Let Me Google That For You because the first place I go when I don’t know something, is google.  But people think that is rude.)

So part of my journey is not only sharing what I know already, but exploring a LOT of what I don’t know and opening my mind how that fits in with what I already know.  I think that is an important part of being healthy… being open to ideas, yet making informed decisions.

This post I saw the other day on my Google Reader that really visually expressed the importance of being open to new ideas and asking questions by David Cox called Creating a Culture of Questions.  I think his final two images really hit home for me.

Image from David Cox's Blog

From David Cox's Blog

So here I am, open to new things, new ideas.  Share with me so we can both learn.


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