Follow Up On Body Image

In my last post, I wrote about body image and how I am working seeing myself in a healthy way.  Today I came across a great site with the idea of really spreading and promoting having a healthy body image.

Operation Beautiful is a project where people are encouraged to leave anonymous post it notes in public places for other people to find.  These notes are just a reminder that we, as people, are beautiful.

Example note from

I think it is a wonderful idea, and I know if I saw a note like that I would smile.  So today I’m going to post a note somewhere and hopefully spread around a good message too.

I didn’t know about this site before this morning, and it just so happens that this week they are encouraging people to blog about their own struggles with body image.  I must have some future reading skills in my brain because I did it before finding the site!

Kudos to the people behind Operation Beautiful.   I’m a sucker for random acts of kindness and I can’t wait to participate!


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