The Spiritual Game Plan

I’ll admit when it comes to being healthier spiritually, I am not quite sure what that entails.

And that, my friends, is precisely the issue.

I am just not sure where to go or how to expand on my spiritual health. Heck, I am not even sure how I define spirituality. I know for me, part of it has to do with faith, because I am a Christian, always have been and I find a lot of joy and comfort in my beliefs and practices. But I fully recognize that being “religious” isn’t the same thing as feeling spiritually fulfilled and many people of all beliefs have different ways of embracing the spiritual part of themselves.

I guess overall I just want to be spiritually fulfilled again. I want to feel connected to more than my body, more than the earth. I want to find some inner peace.


I want to be this flower, embodied (Photo by me)

I feel like I have been spiritually healthy before (thus the word “again” above), that I have felt how I want to feel now. However, that was at a different time in my life. It’s almost like my bucket of spirituality needs to be topped off, but the shape or size of my bucket is different than before. I am not completely burnt out. I am not looking for the meaning of life. I am just searching for this ambiguous feeling that I can’t quite describe because I can’t get over feeling like something is missing. I just want to have a plan, an idea, a definition, something I can mentally grasp, something I can do. Maybe that is part of the problem too.

So the game plan is to try new things, try some old things again, and open up my mind and heart to… something.

Does anyone have any definition of spiritual health for them or ideas of spiritual practices for me to try (or retry)?


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