Target Produce Coupon?!

It seems kind of obvious that part of being healthy is eating healthy.  Sometimes that can be difficult if you are on a budget, because often things like fresh produce aren’t on sale as much as we’d like, or there are no coupons.

Well, if you are lucky enough to live near a SuperTarget with groceries, this week you can get free fruits and veggies!  Target has a $1 off produce coupon at their website.  Just go to, go down to the very bottom of the page where you will see a column called “Target Stores.”  Underneath is the link to the coupons!   You can also access coupons through Target’s free iPhone app or through Target’s text alerts.

Target coupons are limited to one per transaction.  So, you’ll need to make multiple trips or find a really nice person who will let you do multiple transactions in one go.  If you want to print off several per page and save some paper, try this link (also, this link should stay up even if Target pulls the coupon from their site, something they often do even if the coupon hasn’t expired yet!).

Unfortunately, our local Target does not have fresh produce, but I still thought it was worth passing on.


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