Favorite Fast Meal–Portabellas

This week has been a more crazy, stressful week than usual.  At times like these, not only do I have no time to cook, but very little time to eat.  I thought it was appropriate that this week’s food post feature one of my favorite meals to eat when time/energy is limited.

True story:  until about three years ago I couldn’t bring myself to eat mushrooms.  I was repulsed by them.  I couldn’t mentally get over the fact that they were fungus and most are grown on manure.  Then one day, I was over it and now mushrooms are one of my favorite things to eat or add to meals.

Enter the wonderful, filling portabella mushroom.

The great thing about portabellas is that they are filling enough to make up a meal on their own, they are versatile and take little preparation.  In fact, many times at the grocery store you can find them already packaged with toppings on them, sometimes for a cheaper price than plain portabellas.

That was the case this week.  I found these lovelies on sale at the grocery store for $2 a package all ready to go with spinach, mozzarella, and spices while the same two pack of plain portabellas was on sale for $3.50.

All I did was brush them lightly on the bottom with olive oil and place them on our pre-heated grill pan.

I let them cook until all the cheese had melted and they lost their spongy texture and were moist all the way through.  Usually this takes about 10 minutes, but could go a bit faster or slower depending on the temperature of your pan.  I generally just set a timer and let them do their thing while I take care of the other million things I have going on.  Then I come back, sprinkle with some pepper or vinegar, and chow down.  In winter, when it isn’t so hot, I’ll often just throw them in a baking dish in an oven set at 300 for about 15 minutes with excellent results.

Step 1: Preheat Griddle

Step 2: Brush mushroom lightly with olive oil

Step 3: Wait (im)patiently for cheese to melt and mushroom to become moist

Step 4: Chow down on yummy mushroom and sides, maybe sprinkle with balsamic vinegar (ooo)

Yummy to eat plain, on top of rice, noodles, on a bun like a burger, or with another side.   While my go-to fast portabella is the spinach/mozzarella combo (esp. when a good deal comes up at the store), you can be really creative in your topping of plain portabellas.  I also love topping them with a fresh tomato slice and some pesto sauce or with a bit of salsa.


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