Ok, so maybe I’m not over the World Cup this summer.  I’ll get there.

But, remarkably, September is already here.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  In the spirit of a new month and a new beginning I’m going to start a new feature.  Each month I’m going to pick a goal for myself in each of my areas of interest:  body, mind, spirit, and food.  The first of the month is a perfect time to start.  They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and while a month is a bit longer than that, it gives me some room for human error and things beyond my control.

I’ll be using the app Commit for OSX.  It’s a great little app based on Jerry Seinfield’s theory about not breaking the chain for changing habits… and it *may* have been developed by someone I know and love.  Anyway, the idea of the app is to track the days that you successfully complete your goals and try not to break the chain of completing your goals.  You can track several goals at once, and it produces fun little graphs, which makes it ideal for what I’m doing.

So what are September’s goals?

  • Healthier Body:  Begin the 200 Squat challenge… again.  I started this challenge months ago, before my wedding.  However, I had to stop because of a stress fracture I developed in my foot.  I think I’ve gotten over my fears of random injuries and I am ready to squat again!

  • Healthier Mind:  Do a Sudoku puzzle every day. My mental math and critical thinking skills have gone WAY downhill in the past few years and I need to be sharp for my thesis defense.  Our brains needs mental exercise just as much as the rest of our body needs physical exercise and I think Sudoku would be a good way to slide into that.  Note:  I don’t already do these on a regular basis, so it will be something new.  I have an iPhone app, but they also have TONS online.  Top google result:
  • Healthier Spirit:  Take five minutes to pray every day. It can be in any form, but I just think I need to take that time to get centered.  We will see where it goes.
  • Healthier Food:  Incorporate a new whole grain in my diet every week.  I’m kind of excited about this one.  I like trying new foods and new recipes and I already stocked up on some fun ones at our local food co-op!

These goals may seem small, but I think it is important to pace yourself.  If you try too much at once, it is highly likely you’ll run out of the limited self-control you have.

Anyone have some September goals they’d like to share?


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