Keep Squatin!

A reenactment:

Begin Scene:

Me (Standing in mirror, looking at my behind perplexed):  Ack!  When did my butt get so flat?  Is it just these jeans?  (Changes jeans)  Nope, it’s me.

Husband (Looking over at me):  Yes it is flatter than it used to be, but that happens. It’s ok.

Me (Turning around and looking again):  Not ok…  I need to start doing squats and lunges again!

End Scene

I guess I'll flaunt it until I get my round one back! (Image from Justblogged)

One of my goals for this month is to get back into the 200 Squat challenge.  You all might be wondering, why squats?  There are so many different exercises out there, why focus on just one?  Ok, part of it has to do with my distress at my flat bottom, but that isn’t the main reason.

My love/hate relationship with squats goes way back.  I have sort of mentioned before my joint issues, which began to be a “problem” when I was 12.  That was the first time I subluxed by kneecap (subluxation is kind of like dislocation, except for your joint doesn’t stay apart).  It was also my first of many experiences with physical therapy.

My first physical therapist made me do squats, but I was 12 and didn’t keep it up any of my exercises.  I also didn’t realize that first injury was the first of many.  All my physical therapists since then have stressed how important it is for me to keep my quads as strong as possible at ALL times, or risk having my knees slide around.  I went to physical therapy one time for my shoulder and my therapist happened to check all my joints and instantly started me on PT for both of my knees as well as my shoulder.  One physical therapist told me, with the state of my knees, that I should be doing squats in the shower, while brushing my teeth, while in the line at the store… you get the picture.

So I’ve always known the importance of having strong quads, glutes, and hamstrings for me, yet I’ve never kept it up as I should.  *hangs head in shame*

But obviously, I’ve been trying to take a lot more simple, positive steps to help my body and the very first thing I thought of were squats.  They are hard work, but they are also an exercise that doesn’t give me migraines and helps keep all my joints in place.  Plus, they are free and don’t take a lot of time!  Then I got a stress fracture in my foot and stopped once again.

Well… I’m ready to jump in again and jump I did.

Click on the picture for a good description of a "Good Form" squat

The 200 squat challenge starts with an initial test seeing how many good form squats you can complete without rest.  Despite having done the program before, in my initial test last week I only completed 39 squats. While I was disappointed with that number, it automatically puts me into week 3 of the program!

It’s nice not to have to start from scratch, but my muscles definitely felt like they were starting from scratch!  I did my initial test on Thursday and I was feeling it through Sunday night.  Getting up from sitting was the most difficult… I looked like an old lady.

I’m excited to increase my number to 200, but you will have to forgive me if I walk funny for a few weeks or grunt when getting up from chairs.


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