Just Desserts…

I never expected my week to be filled with yummy desserts, but thankfully it has.  I’m addicted to sugar, and while I know that is a bad thing in general, I’ve had such great random desserts this week that I really don’t mind.

I’m traveling this week for work in the lovely city of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh has exceeded my expectations so far… I’m having a far different view of the town than the steel city history tells us about and my previous trip to the city on a band trip 10 years ago (seriously… how am I this old?).

And in this town, I have discovered some wonderful sugar rushes… all completely by accident.

First surprise sugar delight… gourmet cupcakes at Dozen.

Image from Dozen Cupcakes Website

I had been craving sugar (see above:  I’m an addict) after a long day of meetings.  I did a quick web search, but everything seemed far away.  My fellow travelers and I decided to head out to explore anyway.  My friend had noted that there was a bakery nearby and they might have cupcakes.  It turns out it was a bakery that I had found online and wanted to go to, but they had listed a completely different address that was too far away.  I was excited to buy my officemate his first cupcake ever (he just came here from China) and I hope he enjoyed it.

Overall review:  I had the key lime pie cupcake.  The cupcake was dry, but the icing was fantastic.  Original flavors and vegan cupcakes are available there, so I think it was a good find in a city I am not familiar with and still way better than what I can find in my hometown.

Second surprise sugar delight… burnt almond tort at Prantl’s Bakery.

While munching on our sandwiches from the Pittsburgh landmark, Primanti’s, a woman was walking around the square wearing top chef gear and passing out flyers.  Flyers for free dessert, promoting the new Top Chef:  Just Desserts.  To say I flew out of my chair might be an understatement.  I thought that maybe the contestants had made the desserts and this was one of their challenges… and as a huge Top Chef fan, I have always wanted to be one of the challenge tasters.  Sadly, it was just a promotional thing for the premiere tonight.  It was a great dessert though and it was fun to try two famous Pittsburgh treats in one day (Primanti’s and the almond tart).

Overall Review:  If the almond tarts are any indication of the other desserts at the bakery, then I would definitely seek this place out again.  Tons of almonds, just the right amount of a cream and a free sugar rush make for a great combination.  Bonus, you can order these online and have them shipped!

Third Sugar Surprise… frozen yogurt at Sweetlix.

I find tangy, tart frozen yogurt with fruit toppings to be the ultimate refresher.  It almost beats out gelato… almost. While I can get this kind of frozen yogurt at home, I really needed something refreshing, I stumbled across the shop, and Sweetlix did the job.

Overall:  Exactly what frozen yogurt should taste like, with lots of toppings to choose from.  I wasn’t adventurous this time, but they seemed to have flavored yogurt as well.  It is hard to lose with good fat free yogurt with live cultures.

Sadly, my camera has been bumming out on me as well, so these picture are not my own.  But, I still wanted to share the sugar love with you all and encourage you to seek out some great desserts the next time you head to Pittsburgh. I’m hoping there are more good sugar surprises to come, but given that the conference ends tomorrow, I sadly doubt it.


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