Health Month

I know, another post from me that isn’t about my trip to NYC. However, I promise this is very relevant. I came across this website that fits *perfectly* into the goals part of this blog.

The premise behind it is that every month starts a new “game” where you try to achieve healthy goals.  You choose your rules and your bets before the first of the month then use the website to track your progress.

The only downside to this is the cost if you want to have a lot of goals.  If you want more than three goals per month, the fee is $5/month.  I understand that websites like this take a lot of time and energy to maintain, and living with a programmer myself, I understand why there is a fee.  Think of it as an incentive to keep reminding yourself of your goals in addition to helping a programmer make a living with a cool product without ads.  Or just limit yourself to three goals…

I’ll be trying it with next months goals and seeing how I like it.  I wanted to let you all know today because you need to sign up and set up your goals before the first of the month to participate for October.  If you try it, let me know!

Health Month


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