Fancy churches

As I’ve mentioned before, this past weekend I went to NYC.

While there, I had some time to wander around by myself and check out things in the city that my husband doesn’t like to be dragged to.  During my wanderings I saw so many elaborate churches and had to peek inside every one that was open.


I love elaborate, fancy churches.  I know you don’t have to have fancy stained glass or elaborate carvings to worship God (most of my worshipping certainly does not take place in such settings).  However, whenever I see churches like this, I feel transported back in time.  When I had a chance to go to Italy in high school, we walked through the Sistine Chapel.  I spent our time in there in awe of what I was seeing and how much of an expression of the artist’s mind.  I felt connected to the art and the artist and God all at the same time. I was nearly moved to tears, but held them back because I was surrounded by other kids who you could tell were bored and wanted to leave.

I just sense the amount love and passion that went into creating spaces of worship like that.  When I’m singing, I feel like that is the way I can best express my faith.  I feel like a lot of the art and architecture in these churches are the designers’ ways of expressing their adoration, their beliefs.  Of course, maybe they were just commissioned and didn’t care at all, but I still sense something when I walk into these places.

So I walk in.  I close my eyes.  I soak it in that feeling.  I sometimes take pictures.  I admire how the natural light comes in through the windows.  Then I say a prayer and leave.



It may seem ridiculous and material… but I felt spiritually filled.


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  1. klingus
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 19:30:02

    I feel very much the same in old churches as well, Staci. 🙂


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