Healthy Giveaways

As I see any healthy lifestyle related freebies or contests, I’ll not only post them on the blog, but add them here so you can find them easily.  Remember:  you aren’t going to win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket or win the free car if you don’t enter the contest.

Got a healthy lifestyle giveaway on you blog?  Contact me at and I’ll post it here!

Disclaimer:  I get absolutely no money, goods, services from the following websites.  They are just contests I found or were emailed.  If I ever get any sort of kick back, then that will clearly be stated.

Disclaimer 2:  Also, I’m not responsible for reading the terms of each contest.  They are all websites I have gone to and most are contests I would enter myself, but I can’t guarantee that the King of Nigeria won’t get your email address and tell you have inherited his throne if you give him your bank account number.  Use your best judgement, it is your information.

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Websites I like for what they give or I receive:

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